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We fully produce documentaries, corporate and industrial videos, multi-camera events, commercials, and much more. We also provide with camera crews, video editors and producers to television shows, independent producers, corporations and non profit organizations.

One of our specialties is producing videos of public events. Please ask for our 3 different options of camera crew and producers/editors to record your public, corporate or non-profit event. Call or see more information about this at “Multi-Camera Events”.

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Corporate Videos

We have made effective videos for large and small companies in New England, New York and from overseas. These days video is vital to the growth of almost any company.  The work we do is informed by our experience with the people from the many companies we have worked with. Let us help you communicate with clients, employees and providers by providing up to date and efficient narratives, using video as the primarily tool.  We understand your company’s image is the most precious possession. Our team does thorough research and writes scripts tailor-made for the best outcome for your business.  This applies to our large productions, but also to the shortest single interview or testimonial.


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Small and large Camera Crews

You want a professional camera crew with several years of real working experience at your public events, corporate videos or sit-down interviews for your television show or company’s video. There are no shortcuts when quality and brand’s reputation are part of the equation.  We provide one-man or full crew.  We offer Camera Operators, Sound Engineers, Grips and Production Assistants.  If requested, we also provide with Producers. 

Our camera crews are experienced in shooting all type of events, including sit-down camera interviews for television shows and corporate or industrial videos. We provide camera crews in all New England and New York City.  We have crews that are bilingual in Spanish and English. We are ready to travel to anywhere in the world.  

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Industrial and Training Videos

SN Media has produced hundreds of short videos for companies in New England and New York. We handle the entire process from scripting to final product. We will make videos that make an effective and positive statement about your products and services to your clients and prospective clients.  And we will make videos to train your employees to maximize their skills and lead to the increasing success of your company.  
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Multi-Camera Events

We are experts recording events!  We have developed a new service where we offer our clients not just a high quality video of the event, with Q&As, B-Roll, conference speaker and interviews, but also “same day service” of an article written by a professional journalist who is well-versed in the subject matter or industry covered at your event.  The article comes ready to be published at the end of event and illustrated with attractive photos. These articles are a perfect update at the end of each event or day of a multi-day event to share in social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. We also offer same day video editing when arranged in advance of the event.  Ask for two or ask for ten cameras. We cover your event the way Hollywood covers the Oscars!  Our goal is to maximize the effects you are looking to achieve at each event.
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Fiction Films

We have over 20 years of experience shooting all type of films. 

Around 1998, Neville started shooting 16mm and 35mm films while freelancing as cinematographer for NYU and NYFilm Academy students, shooting with his Eclair ACL 16mm film camera and many other cameras. Then moved up to analogue video and finally to HD and 4K.


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Video Editing | 3D Graphics

We provide advanced 3D graphics and professional video editing services to our clients. We also provide bilingual editors for videos that are edited in Spanish.
Besides camera crews for public or corporate events, we offer producer-editors at the location of the event. This allows us to deliver finished videos at the end of day.  We began offering this service early this year.  We also offer writers working on location (Please see “Multi-Camera Events”). 
SN Media’s creator Sebastian Neville worked as video editor for television programs such as Good Morning America, Nightline, 20/20 and Discovery Channel’s Classic Cars. He has owned and operated professional editing equipment since year 2001. 

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Webcast Your Next Event!

We can help you with your event and conference Webcasting! Stream and record an event or training session to offices and participants across the globe. A webcast don’t need to look and sound as webcasts usually do! We bring talented camera operators and sound engineers to your event and stream it online. We produce highlight videos that you can later project and stream from your event.

From small venues to large events, call anytime to talk about your own. We are here to guide you through the process and show you options.


In the mid 90s, Sebastian traveled around the world (Asia, Europe, South America, Caribbean and North America) shooting documentaries for ARTEAR Television.  Following that, he worked for television networks in New York City as a freelance camera operator. Neville produced a feature film documentary about well known architect Cesar Pelli.  The film was presented at AIA offices in Connecticut and a the Film Archive Theater of NYC. He has also produced dozens of short films with AOL for and non-profit organizations all throughout New England. Sebastian freelanced as camera operator for dozens of documentary films for Networks like PBS, BBC, ABC, and many others in New York City and other places. 

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