Can SN Media produce a web or television commercial for my business even if I have no experience in using video promotion for my company? 

Absolutely. We will create a script for your business for a fee of just $199.  And, if you follow through with us and order a video from us we will deduct that script fee from your total bill. 

How long will it take to shoot my commercial? 

The time we need to shoot a commercial varies from business to business. However, most videos only require us to shoot for up to half a working day at your office, store or business. (Typically about four hours.) You don't need to stop working or prevent your employees or customers from coming in. The edited version of your video will be available to you within a few days following the filming. 

Can I pay with a credit card?

You can pay with cash or by check, credit card, PayPal or Venmo. A deposit is required to book our crew to come and film at your place of  business. Non-cash payments must be cleared 24 hours before we begin any shooting or editing.

Do you provide camera operators and equipment? 

Yes, we have experienced camera operators, broadcast-quality cameras and professional lighting and sound equipment. You can book a full production team, including a producer, a production assistant, a sound person, and a camera operator/cinematographer -- or you can choose to go with just one person with one camera, minimal sound, and minimal lighting equipment. In all cases, people with over 10 years of experience! We always offer to include our mini-van to transport crew and clients if needed!

Do you only film commercials, corporate videos or documentaries? 

No, we also work on anything (as long as it is legal!) that involves cameras, lights, and sound. This includes producing public event coverage, Q&A sessions, legal videos, personal films, promotional films, electronic resumes, and much more.