We never stop investing heavily in professional cameras, monitors, editing rooms and riggings that allow us to keep producing the most professional videos. We don’t take shortcuts.

Our crew brings thousands of hours of experience shooting all type of films, television shows, corporate films, studio recordings, public events and documentaries. We are ready to offer you over 20 years of experience to make your vision a reality.

Every project is different. To talk about our rates for large projects, we prefer to meet for coffee or talk on the phone until we are both sure about your vision and needs. A simple email from you highlighting your project it is the best way to start the conversation. Of course, for simpler or urgent requests we can quickly help you over a single phone call or email.

SN Media Services collaborate with the most talented individuals out there. We bring together a team of people that as a team they produce the most amazing videos. Neville created SN Media to allow a better collaboration between artists and customers, increase the value of our clients’ investment and reach goals that otherwise would not be possible.

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